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 Posted: Dec 4 2016, 09:03 PM
mini biography
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NAMEashley nathaniel knox


AGE & BIRTHDAY 30 6/01/85

HOMETOWN new york

OCCUPATION socialite / unemployed

FATHER ashley knox ii

MOTHER jamie knox

*unnamed brother* knox


single n/a





has never 'truly' worked a day in his life
has never been in love & is afraid to fall in love will not cuddle
believes everything has a price
loves to fight
has a sex journal

leaning against the building ash just walked out of, he placed a foot against the building, and stared out into the distance. he could still feel her skin under his hands. the way her body moved under his touch. the pure heat from her whole body as it engulfed him. she was, like many others, married, and she had so much to lose and yet she'd done it anyway. the reasons a married woman slept with him were usually obvious, yet this one, was especially confusing. she was the wife of ash's best friend. she was the wife of one of the few men he'd grown to respect, and yet, he'd done it anyway. he hadn't even hesitated after she'd kissed him. ash had wanted to do it for years, and yet, when the moment came, he thought of carter, for only a second, until she was just another woman who ash would add to his list.

though, normally ash loved the idea of the husband finding out about what he'd done. ash loved the idea of destroying things in his wake, this time, seemed especially dangerous though. carter was not a small man, he was a beast of a man. standing over 6'4" and could punch through a building given the amount of rage he had. perhaps, ash thought, having a secret affair would be in everyone's best interest. perhaps, he would not have to get his body broken in half. looking into carter's eyes seemed like an especially uncomfortable feeling, but not something ash couldn't do. he had after all, made a career of doing shamelessly bad things. what was one more to the list? ash placed a cigarette to his lips, and lit it, and took a long puff. the longer he thought about what he'd do about the situation, the more he wondered, for the very first time, if he'd made a mistake. with a shrug, smoke rolled out of his lips, he knew that if the situation presented itself again, he'd do it again... and again.

if he had a heart, it would be telling him that carter deserved better, but then if his wife had thought so, she wouldn't have spread her legs for him. he placed his hand in his pocket, his hand finding the underwear he'd stolen from carter and her bedroom, and smiled. if there was one thing thing he truly regretted about the situation, it was how he was ever going to be able to keep his comments about carter's wife's body to himself. maybe tomorrow he'd regret the act of nailing his friend's wife, but for tonight, he was high on adrenaline, the idea of carter walking into the door at anytime, but he hadn't, but his blood was still pounding, shoving the underwear back into his pocket, he walked towards the town car that always seemed to be around the corner, waiting for his wave, and with only a few steps, he opened the door and closed it behind him, waiting only a few seconds at the curb, he saw carter walk past the window, and into the apartment building, a smile on carter's face, as he was returning home to his little while. for a second, ash frowned, regret, only for a second, as the car, so did his apologies on his lips.

you were born second in a family of four. your mother was a politician who never had considered herself the 'motherly' type. she spent most of her free time on her career, and ignoring her children. your father, was a business man, always had his mind on money and numbers. he never really had time for his boys. your father was the second ashley in the line, your grandfather had been the first, a welch name that had never been your mother's choice for any son of hers. while, your brother had been planned, you were an unexpected surprise, in other words, you were a mistake, mother had had too much wine that night, and father had buttered her up with an expensive, shiny gift, nine months later you appeared, and marked with the family name, your brother somehow avoided.

you weren't a shining example of what two wealthy, intelligent, well-known, or respected human beings could create. while your brother paraded around with a smile on his face and the world went nuts with his charm, you hated the idea of ever becoming the family show horse. you were very young when you decided that anything your parents had asked for, would suddenly become a request for the exact opposite. they demanded good grades, you didn't give a shit about school. they wanted you to be kind to your elders, your tongue grew sharper with age. you weren't sure if you ever truly had a choice when competing for the star of approval, but you never liked working hard to achieve anything, it was always better to show disinterest and gain what you wanted in a clever way.

you were a schemer, you liked to see how you could set things up just to watch them fall. you loved watching people whisper secrets to one another, only for you to listen in, and dish them out to someone who had a deep pockets. you didn't care about selling family secrets to the highest bidder, in fact, the idea of it was not lost on you. the people you learned to loathe for everything they stood for, were the only ones that truly had your best interest in mind. it was no wonder they crave your attention the way they do. you are marked with the name that represents the family, and you are the only person who doesn't care about it's sad pathetic story.

you love women, you love the idea of women. you love the way they feel, the way they act around you. even more, you love the way you don't care about any of them. each girl has their own story, their own face, their own purpose for breathing. you don't give a shit about the way they flaunt themselves at you because you are from a wealthy family. you get nauseous thinking about spending your life with anyone. you come and go as you wish, and you kick the women out of your bed the moment you are through with them. though there have been some that you return to time after time, not because they are special to you, but because you like the idea of toying with other's emotions.

you are a snake that whispers terrible things in the ears of the innocence. you will say whatever you have to to play your little game. you love the way you can make someone feel different by doing or saying certain things. you love when you see a scheme go the way you planned, and find it humorous when it explodes in your face. women and men alike are play things, you enjoy messing with how they feel, and you love to watch them react. you are the poison in the water, and you take pride in the way you darken even the lightest of rooms.

you have nothing to be ashamed of because you feel nothing towards anyone. as far as you are concerned there is only you. you are selfish, you are worthless, and you never change. though you have learned to respect one or two people in your life, the odds of you feeling sad when the time comes that they will realize you are just as shitty of a person as everyone makes you out to be, is unlikely. everything comes to an end, even life itself.

i am ashley knox iii, please call me ash, if you wish for me to answer. i am 30 years old, and don't care about people or their feelings, really. i am a drinker, fighter, and a poor excuse for the upper class. i have taken notes on how a gentleman is supposed to act and have nearly done the opposite on everything. my sarcastic mouth as gotten me in more trouble than i'd ever deny, but that's why i have large friends.
friends are hard to come by. i dont have many of them. the ones i do have, i am afraid i have bought with my money and not my charm. i at least know i'm a piece of shit, i have no problems admitting that. if i would only put half as much time into being a better man as i do destroying my reputation, i'd probably be well liked.
i have more enemies than i can count. i piss people off for fun. i enjoy seeing the shock on other's faces. i love sleeping with married women, just to see the look on their husbands faces when they find out. i steal even if i have enough money to last me a life time.
i have never been in love, nor do i think i ever will be. i enjoy having random sex way too much. i love the contest, the feeling of accomplishment when you see a girl naked for the first time. i tend to go back to the same women, time and time again, if i feel like she's pleased me enough. i don't care if i have to pay for a good time or if it come without strings. i am addicted to sex. i will not cuddle you after sex or ever tell you that you are beautiful. i will not buy you jewelry and i will not marry you. please stop trying.
i love drama, i made this character a real ass for the sake of being the bad guy. please take advantage of it! .

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